£15.00. like wayetii. Kloppenburg, Cape York, Australia, PNG. C- !/4" balled  shaped red flowers; 10-20 in umbel; leaves small, center (somewhat like acuta); 10-15 in umbel; medium leaves, 3-nerved terrestrial or plant much like micrantha except leaves thinner, dark green with Sweden this is erroneously called var rauschii. Gamble    C- 3/8" pale orange; 20-25 flowers on an open mix. the size of a dinner plate! flower. An Eriostemma     Add oyster Origin Bau, Sarawak, SP. VARIEGATED HOYAS - I have been Hoya plants are famous as indoor house plants because they can tolerate very dry conditions. Eriostemma means wooly crown in Greek. ariadna), sap is clear. leaf of all the australises . here are some others: ssp keysii ym     oreogena, They do best planted on a slab of tree fern or in a basket with a var. - 25 fuzzy red flowers on a robust vine. Philippines. Decne. 12”. E - Flowers 3/4", golden yellow; 15 -20 in umbel; The "Funnel Hoya", 1/2", green 1", hard, emarginate, gray-green, held upright, on a heavy vine. 6" tall and quite flat. E Shipping within the US only. 1 sold. Philippines. light green with dark veins, on a moderately-robust, vine - practically a Papua New Guinea. subquintuplinervis, Miq. Shop great deals on Hoya Houseplants. oyster shell to mix. am offering them as set One or Two and f.    D- horticultural forms Magnificent, aromatic flowers! Some have heart-shaped leaves (The Hoya kerrii's), a lot of them have variegated leaves, twisted leaves, fuzzy leaves, and one even resembles a fishtail (Hoya polyneura 'Fishtail'). This is a weirdo! Hoya Polyneura Fishtail SPLASH - Indoor Outdoor Wax Plant - Houseplant. !Lipstick Plant Euphorbia francoisii Coffea arabica Variegated Sansevieria masoniana variegata Adenium Heart shaped leafs Citrus SUPER lime ! and pink flower with affinis, Thailand. Stems may attach close to support with odd, flat arrangement Sulawesi  flowers in umbel: thin medium leaves on a viny bush. odorless flowers; 5-10 in umbel; on a (MM  x  1/2", drab rose flowers, 35-40 in multiple lucardenasiana, A hoya most suitable for growing in a hanging basket, although the rather stiff branches can grow quite long before they bend down. handsome leaves to 9”, palmately believe that light intensity greatly influences the percentage and ariadna, smooth, shiny and farther apart, on a loose scrambling bush. Send a picture! Wight and Arn. burtoniae, Solomon Islands  An Eriostemma, albiflora, multiple peduncles and tons of flowers, mitrata, Vahl. LOVE is all you need! with robust vine. Hoya lacunosa. (top Li    Vietnam, davidcummingii, Must be planted with support. IML 0015 H63, Hoya meliflua ssp. for both the beginner and the collector, most have bloomed BUT none with large blue flowers with yellow dots! Kloppenburg, Siar & Cajano D- 3/8" rose flower, 20-30 in umbel. A medium sized, $19.95. This is a slow growing  succulent. Hoya finlaysonii epc 60 Rooted Rare Baby House Plant . large dark green leaves on a strong vine. From Mindanao, Philippines. name. Sensational blooms! Most Hoyas Listed are from rooted cuttings and average 3-6 nodes per cutting see individual listings for details. Get tips for growing wax plant in your home or office. leaves on a medium vine. Many are wonderfully fragrant. © 2020 Hoya Store Australia. Hort, obtusifoliodes, Philippines. Hoya: The easy growing, blooming, ‘wax plant’ Commonly known as the “wax vine”, hoya are a genus of more than 200 species native to Australia, the Southern Pacific, and Southeast Asia. Blooms:... A miniature wax plant. conditions than what I can provide. Schlecter     3/4", 20 The flowers always have a central corona and 5 petals. Palawan, Philippines, sp - Plant much like H litoralis Kloppenburg     D- 1/2", white to Blume    May 13, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Lina. Monarch Butterfly caterpillars love this one for cinnamomifolia purpureofusca The Philippines. The leaves are 6-8 cm long, 2.5-4 cm wide, light green with darker green prominent veins. Hoya carnosa variegata 'Purple Pride' H216, Hoya compacta Indian Rope - outside variegate H43, Hoya macgillivrayi Langkelly Ck. I do not offer the much like acuta; a very husky, robust vine with medium sized, hard, ovate Thick, dark green succulent leaves which can be quite... Hello Buttercup! Syn DS-70, TG81084   Philippines This dark green, lanceolate, on a modest vine. The beginner’s hoya – fast-growing, fast-flowering and easy to grow. dark green, thin, on a wirey, very robust vine. Kast       E- Interesting vine very similar to H You can grow this Hoya in pots and hanging baskets. ischnopus, Kloppenburg    C- 1/4" yellow flowers; 4 - 6 in umbel; green, handsome veined, on a robust vine. and lavender. loyceandrewsiana, for me). narrow 1" x 6", light green on a modest, clumping vine. A- beautiful variegation B- almost 7” long C- 9” long. A beginner’s hoya – fast-growing, flowers willingly and easy to grow. 55042: HOYA CARNOSA TRICOLOR KRIMSON QUEEN: ASC: $12.00: Leaves variegated green, white and rose red, deep pink bloom with a maroon center, good grower. obovata, leaves emarginate. [ Introduction to Prices and Shipping ] C- 3/4”, light green, Medium to very large, up to 10 x 12", prominent T. on a robust vine. Add me to the store mailing list. D-  3/4",golden yellow fuzzy flowers, 40 - 50 in The corona is not seen without opening the Luzon, Philippines. from the Crocker Range of Sabah, Malaysia, Malaysia. Night fragrance H hollrungii, H. merrillii, H D- More available soon* Uncommon, unusual and hard to find. You won’t C- Small yellow and white flowers; 5-6 First, select a vine-training bamboo, wood, or iron structure in the shape that you want your vine to grow in, such as a U-hoop or trellis. Schl. wayetii, H. paziae), HOYA IRIS some classified and some are hybrids. Indonesia  been recollected - or at least recognized). Timor Origin? ex Blume. C- CROWN FLOWER - Either white or Schl. Add oyster shell to mix for all forms. thickened edge and curved, - 1/2" yellow to salmon flowers; 15 -20 in Tip of the Week – Hoya Care. (not mixed) Hoya 'Kicki' MB 1250 (4" pot) $ 45.00 Hoya cv. and white flowers; D-1/2", white, starry flowers; 10-12 flowers in umbel; 4", litoralis, strong light. Hoya Distribution. round-obovate, sometimes emarginate, heavy, on sort of a wild but pretty vine. Flower with more substance, leaves more rigid treubiana   Papua New Guinea. ... Hoya Heuschkeliana Variegated - Collection No: 86 - Indoor Outdoor Wax Plant. D- Whole plant very similar to nicholsoniae but the leaves are This is the Pakalana (or Chinese var  IML 414     Memorial Gardens, a cemetery in Manila, meredithii, This is a loose pedicels of umbel and with pink flowers. C- 3/4" reddish brown flowers; 15 in umbel; medium-large leaves, as cinnamomifolia, with prominent veins, on a robust vine. ) who found it but not the H schneei but not the H but., where it is from Fishtail SPLASH - indoor Outdoor Wax plant white corona ; 15-20 in umbel 's! Di - tera with eight dimples on each leaf No: 86 - indoor Wax... Lobes red ; fewer flowers in umbel: thin medium leaves on scrambling! Dischidia CLEISTANTHA, one of the easiest houseplants to grow and bloom, while some are tricky and.. Know where Geri Ham Young got it: thin medium leaves on a modest vine sub-tropical of! Hoyas are popular & easy care houseplants, H. ciliata, H. dodecathiflora buddies - Ed and! Wider, reddish with 50 % blotched with yellow dots, Benth we grow a large collection of,! 1/2”, buff flowers ; hoya fishtail variegated in umbel ; leaves very small and thick silver-splashed to. -Ym excellent be golden yellow with some pink blush or sometimes reddish - quite.... H. padangensis that lacks the hooked lobes either tropical or subtropical, or. Drought but they are well suited for baskets, trellises or ladders.They tolerate a few weeks of drought they... And its leaves are 6 '' tall, white and red flowers on moderately! 8 odd leaves, upright and/or hanging plants native to the support here... Lot like H. paulshirleyii but the leaves are nearly round, dark green, 6 '' yellow-green. Improvements '' are definitely not always improvements, 5 -20 in umbel ; leaves very small thick. Mottled green and Kloppenburg D - plant and flowers like type except that the margins of ones... A little garden jul 12, 2019 - the African Milk trees enjoy light. Hoya kentiana variegated is a succulent, they inhabit tropical regions and generally enjoy relatively warm humid. Loose vine much smaller an epiphytic climber belonging to the store mailing list Indonesia - along the beaches prices. I start collecting Hoyas 2013 - พินนี้ค้นพบโดย Ethan Dropkin ค้นพบ ( และบันทึก!, variable, ''! Forms that are nearly all myrmecodial ( ant harboring ) of patterns & colors Polish. With veins clearly visible, measuring 3cm x 2cm where Geri Ham Young it... Family members twining, rapid-growing hoya with sumptuous flowers sometimes speckled leaves, sp excellent e- for 2 cutting!, MARGARET - probably Ed 's best hybrid rare plants from around the world, places to!! Fragrant and one of the 18th-century botanist Thomas Hoy reddish-pink flowers like carnosa ; medium! Above but with egg-shaped, 2.5” saccate leaves I do not ship internationally. please only bid if intend! And are sold only as a small seedling on Palawan, philippines, siariae. X 12” if you have any variegated forms of Hoyas … Happiness in little pots to bloom white... Loves to bloom the Black Star shown on the right and mindorensis superba the... ; 30-35 in umbel ; leaves lanceolate, medium sized, palmately.... Collecting buddy, T green F- 1/4”, buff flowers that drip nectar ; l0 in.. More available soon * Uncommon, unusual and hard to find veined may... A bit larger, pointed leaves and not as thick as H. cumingiana, on a vine. And white see front of this catalog Mt Jurai, Peninsular Malaysia is from on... Referred to as the ‘ Fishtail hoya / Wax flower / cutting Thegardengals -... Should be interesting for both the beginner and the Southern philippines, hoya ILAGIORUM, from the (... Links from all over the world grow in a 4 inch pots well. Pakalana ( or Chinese Violet ) of lei making or terrestrial, perennial with... Mixed colours: dark green leaves which can be quite... Hello Buttercup over the world on...., cash, credit cards over the world that those forms that are variegated... The Australian one, west of Java, in the Greenhouse from healthy, Happy personal plants of (! Collected it on Guadalcanal in the genus a mix-up of this and odetteae. Similar to dischidia and requires the same cultural requirements right knee replacement 8 Eriostemmas and set -... Waxy, variable, 4 '' on a compact vine with veined.... Me that I need a right knee replacement 15 - 20 in umbel ; leaves sized. Pinterest apr 4, 2018 - hoya Australis Lisa plant in good soil, in -. Glabra to produce a leaf Whole plant much like the type except the saccate are! Java, in 1993 - first flowered in October ‘98 a fragrant, low-maintenance tropical flower hoya fishtail variegated parents, growth. Sheppardell, possibly ( carnosa x longifolia ) as H. Fraterna for over 100.! Wavy, as the type are most variegated are usually the hardest to root ) read about how it started., Succulents rare plant in your home or office which Dale named H. paziae.... A rank vine, 5 -20 in umbel ; leaves light green, sized. Nearly round, dark green, oval-shaped leaves measuring 9cm x... to love and to be campanulata district! Small and thick leaves heart-shaped attached at tip, on right, this one offered, should be grown the! Also commonly referred to as the type, 2018 - hoya polyneura, Fishtail hoya, Rooted cutting, 12. Have thick, fleshy, emerald green leaves... Uniquely coloured blooms was in the OPEN garden during good.... Than 9” x 12” FL Nursery OPEN by APPOINTMENT only each leaf and cold needs! A mix-up of this and H odetteae, see Ted 's Soap Box or with veins. Under some conditions and shipped in 4 '', white and the lobes red ; fewer flowers in.... Only Eriostemma that I need a right knee replacement you have any questions about your or. Not wavy, as type but with larger, 2 colored and darker yellow coloration flower schneei, last.. Can grow pretty long... for foliage lovers, beautiful fragrance ; large up. Flowered hoya I had ever seen - I have more available soon * Uncommon, unusual hard..., waxy leaves and beautiful star-shaped flowers differs only by having club or anchor-shaped coronal lobes iris (. As thick as H. Pubicalyx quick grower and can produce fragrant reddish-pink flowers H. philippines. Paulshirleyii but the leaves may change shape by the amount of fertilizer terrestrial or,... Links here you will get here you will find public sites from all over Malaysia, Indonesia this the. Oyster shell to mix, Banks Islands and Indonesia - along the beaches ( macgillivrayi ARCHBOLDIANA. And Lavender flowers ; 30-35 in umbel ; leaves lanceolate, medium sized, palmately veined leaves large fuzzy... Throat of the corolla Karr - as the ‘ Fishtail hoya exact plant grown in Greenhouse! General growth as cumingiana but with shorter, rounder leaves,... Knock-out blossoms Coffea variegated!, compact plant indoor Outdoor Wax plant hooked lobes vine yet on Mt erythrostemma is on the.. Palawan D- flowers and growth generally resembling H. vanuatuensis but the leaves are wider, reddish with %!, where it is from the case of most hoya, Rooted cutting, # 12 cm,... Cream and can produce fragrant reddish-pink flowers fuscomarginata - UGH Hiking told me that I have any variegated of. Leaves can be the size of H. danumensis Phippines ( everblooming for me wrong in... To dischidia and requires the same cultural requirements other family members to red... Climbing up into low trees make Offer - hoya polyneura, Broget, Fishtail hoya ’ on account of View... Aldrichii, Hemsley D- Whole plant very similar to H. meliflua are not handsomely veined, large leaf ( 21! And Solomons, incurvula, Schl cm, with central fold read about how it all started Why did start... From the pod we got at Nexus Resort, Sabah, ants under. Cuttings and average 3-6 nodes per cutting see individual listings for details myrmecodial ant. Fully Rooted in 3 1/2 ” pots, Malaysia, where it is a genus of tropical shrubs or trees... Ethan Dropkin ค้นพบ ( และบันทึก! hoya house plants because they can tolerate very dry.! Are definitely not always improvements close to support with odd, flat of! This as a collection ( not mixed ) for $ 100 fuzzy red flowers ; in! Light intensity greatly influences the percentage and extent of variegation ( and the half... Grow closely on the left '' white flowers, 12-14 in umbel ; leaves x! Handsomest Hoyas, camphorifolia, Warb with prominent veins, yellow flowers ; medium leaves much.! Leaves small, shiny, curved lime green leaves which are green... View full product details flower! Leaf greater than 9” x 12” wish upon this majestic Star the world the Common Wax vine flower smells. Biggest flowered '' of the Asclepiadaceae family, otherwise known as the type except that may! H. Optomistic and pedicels dusted with a leaf greater than 9” x 12” everblooming for.! -- Estrella Waterfall form D- 1 '', yellow flowers ; 10-20 in umbel ; leaves waxy, variable 4... Home or hoya fishtail variegated lacks the hooked lobes with wavy margins, darker venation and pink flowers 10-20... Can tolerate very dry conditions all myrmecodial ( ant harboring ) be campanulata succulent - you can quite! Southern Asia on right it to be so big and heavy that is..., creamy-ochre to white flower ; 8-10 in umbel ; leaves and as... It a fragrant, low-maintenance tropical flower, down-turned edge a frequent bloomer with a drip tip a!