Sharp rate for the dual quantization problem

TitleSharp rate for the dual quantization problem
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGilles Pagès, and Benedikt Wilbertz
KeywordsDelaunay triangulation, dual quantization, Pierce’s lemma, quantization, random quantization, rate, Zador’s theorem

In this paper we establish the sharp rate of the optimal dual quantization problem. The notion of dual quantization was recently introduced in the paper [1], where it was shown that, at least in an Euclidean setting, dual quantizers are based on a Delaunay triangulation, the dual counterpart of the Voronoi tessellation on which "regular" quantization relies. Moreover, this new approach shares an intrinsic stationarity property, which makes it very valuable for numerical applications. We establish in this paper the counterpart for dual quantization of the celebrated Zador theorem, which describes the sharp asymptotics for the quantization error when the quantizer size tends to infinity. The proof of this theorem relies among others on an extension of the so-called Pierce lemma by means of a random quantization argument.


  1. Gilles Pagès, and Benedikt Wilbertz, Intrinsic stationarity for vector quantization: Foundation of dual quantization, , 2010.